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About Tam

Hello lovelies, I'm Tam. I'm passionate about guiding you beautiful humans, such as yourself on their own fantastic  healing experience to uncover and unlock more about you through self awareness and offering unwavering support in all areas of consciousness. I have more then five years experience taping into consciousness for healing on the light body level 

(our energies masculine & feminine) to help people understand themselves and overcome challenges they may face day to day.


My mission is to help support people to believe in themselves and to remind them they are the creator of their own reality. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than an individual stepping into their authentic selves and witnessing their metamorphosis in energies before my very eyes. Everything is frequency vibrating at different rates and it is this that makes up our feminine and masculine energy. Understanding this level of where we true reside is key to unlocking you and this is what I call Energy Healing. Everything is energy in some form so everything within you can be healed, understood and released. As an energy healer, remote viewer and astral traveller, I've documented my explorations in videos accessible on YouTube and uncensored versions on Patreon, if you would like to know more. 


My primary focus revolves around light body healing and astral exploration. The time has come to relinquish fear, rise above victimhood, and realize our inherent empowerment. 

This is a photo of Tam the energy healer at Transforming Energies.

Life Transformation
My journey towards unlocking my true abilities began in my thirties. Prior to this self awareness, I travelled through the depths of darkness and despair dedicating years to studying the occult and the intricacies of the matrix system we were surviving instead of truly living. Deep survival in this dark abyss, lead to prolonged periods of fear, shame and guilt which all started to take it's toll on my well-being, so much so that I needed medical invention. During this tumultuous period, I confronted two cancer scares and underwent two surgeries while endlessly seeking answers from medical professionals. My turning point arrived when a surged within me, propelling me towards a healer who unveiled the doorway to my inner truth helped me start my own healing journey, which I had been on for so long without being aware of it.  

My Awakening
Reflecting upon my past, it's evident that my youth and early adulthood were veiled by the remnants of traumatic experiences from childhood where I had challenging parents and home life. This was of course because my parents were living in their traumas and expressed them through a false reality they had created for themselves, they were not listening to their hearts but instead blocked themselves away in fear. How else were they to know? Most people around them were expressing the same fear programmes. So, I do not blame my parents but instead have come to a state of acceptance of them and I'm grateful for all the experiences I've had the chance to understand and overcome. This has only made me stronger, not only as a human but in my consciousness. To this day my parents are still teaching me about consciousness in the most extraordinary ways, to which I'm most humble to receive. By them acting out their trauma it puts my consciousness on a an expressed path of evolution.


During these formative years, I existed in a state of slumber, enveloped by my trauma-induced energies. Nonetheless, I remained instinctively drawn to the study of parasites and their intricate manipulation of their hosts and the subject of parasites survival. This was no accident on the subject as I once beleived. Because since I studying this subject in detail the university level, it helped get me ready for the energy work I now do. Energetic parasites can be found in peoples field and they feed off the hosts dense emotions or tell them negative things. In retrospect, it's intriguing to note that even then, I possessed an intuitive awareness of energetic parasites afflicting me, a realization that would only come to full fruition with time. This transformation, irrespective of its timing, underscores the paramount importance of awakening from the pervasive hypnosis that obscures our true potential.

Unlock your inner potential and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through a personalized 1-2-1 energy healing session with me – together, we'll illuminate the path to your most authentic self.


Join our empowering master classes provided on Patreon to members and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, as we guide you towards unlocking your inner truth, forging connections with higher consciousness, and nurturing self-healing, all in the pursuit of becoming a lighter and more aware of you.

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