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Book a 1-2-1 Session

Tam possesses an unwavering fascination with the realms of consciousness and is deeply committed to facilitating others on their quest to unearth their genuine, authentic selves. Our 1-2-1 distance emotional energy healing sessions are conducted over Zoom this showcase Tam's unique ability to connect with your consciousness from any corner of the globe. While the typical session duration is approximately one hour, Tam's dedication to your healing journey knows no bounds, and sessions may extend to ensure a comprehensive exploration of the understanding required for your healing.

For energy healing Tam's diverse experience and innate gifts encompass a spectrum of offerings to you, including:

  • Exploration of Past Lives

  • Nurturing and Healing Parental Relationships

  • Generational Healing

  • Addressing Childhood Trauma

  • Facilitating Connections with Departed Loved Ones

  • Comprehensive Body Scans to Unearth Inner Healing Potentials

  • Tailored Weight Loss Support through Healing

  • Removal of Parasitic Entities and Attachments

  • Exploration of Extra-terrestrial Interactions

  • Establishing Connections with the Animal Kingdom

  • Navigating Connections with Otherworldly Beings

  • Delving into Other Realms and Dimensions

  • Fostering Connections with the Soul and Higher Self

In addition to our 1-2-1 sessions, Tam extends her expertise through a series of meticulously crafted master classes. These encompass diverse subjects, ranging from holistic healing techniques to forging connections with other beings, realms, animals, and the transformative practice of body scanning for weight loss.

Tam's paramount mission is to empower you in unblocking your energies, allowing you to shed burdens, embrace lightness, and gain profound insights into your authentic self. Our services are a testament to her dedication to your holistic well-being and self-realization.

Watch Tam in action on a live energy healing group session if your interested to know more.

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