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Evelyn D., USA

"My session with Tamsin was amazing...In her lovely, gentle way, she was able to compassionately listen to what I wanted to explore. From there, she went straight into my energies and began sharing the desires and direction my heart wishes to experience.  She was able to look in at the mental "blocks" and beliefs that have been holding me back from experiencing life fully.  Tam was able to go back into my timeline to uncover where the protective "not good enough" beliefs originated.  I felt the tears come up and the healing begin.  Tam is such a gifted healing guide to help those who feel stuck and uncertain about themselves or life. She beautifully reveals what deeper parts of consciousness already know, building more trust and confidence for each individual to expand, grow and shine. ❤️‍🩹✨" 

Tranquil Journey with Jeanie, USA

"Tam helped me figure out the root of my ‘lack’ issue that I couldn’t. I’ve done loads of inner work, but just couldn’t get to the root of this persistent issue, which resulted in lack of clients and lack of funds within my physicality. Just knowing and understanding the initial cause, helps dissolve the belief, but Tam also gave me excellent practical advice to implement within my daily life to break the habitual thinking that has gone on for so long, and gave my insight to bring in the life that I desire and abundance that I deserve… that everyone deserves! Thank you, Tam! 🤗🥰❤️"

Saeko, AUS

"Tamsin, thank you so much for your exceptional session. The information Tamsin accessed with her pure heart assured me that with her, I could explore more to know who I am. She helped me to connect the dots: I could understand what happened to me and my ancestors and what we were trying to protect through our lives through her information. We needed to find it ourselves since our ancestral history was not written anywhere. Tamsin helped me to see one of the most essential pieces of the puzzle of our ancestral line and my life. Tamsin, you are incredible!"

Louisa, UK

“I would highly recommend a 1-2-1 session with Tam.  She is extremely insightful and very easy to talk to.  She has a wonderful gift of getting to the root of a problem and helping unblock and release the trauma."

Alys, UK

"I had a 1 2 1 session with Tamsin with some life questions I wasn’t so sure about which direction to take and received excellent conformation and it all goes back to my inhibitions ,thoughts that  stemmed back from childhood...eye opening and an instant ahha moment!!! I highly recommend a session with Tamsin who can help you find deeper meanings of our programs and help us get to know ourselves more. ”

Victoria, USA

“Having watched Tam’s YouTube channel, I was drawn to her work and curious to book a session with her. It did not disappoint, my session with Tam was like talking with an old (incredibly wise) friend, she immediately knew where to go and what to say that would help me to understand myself and my behaviours on a deeper level. She is incredibly gifted, kind hearted and caring and holds the space without judgement. If you are ready to dive deeper into yourself & reconnect with your true nature, I highly recommend a session!.”

Dinara, UK

“I had a few healing sessions with Tamsin and I must tell you they did not disappoint. She is amazingly insightful and was able to find the deepest roots of my issues. Things that I only knew in my subconscious were brought to light, so I can finally heal them. I always felt like she really connected with me and knew me on a deep level. I felt supported and listened to in my sessions, regardless of how silly my issues might have sounded. I'm very grateful that I met Tamsin and would definitely recommend her as your healer.”

Christie, USA

“Tamsin is very easy to talk too, and she was on target with everything! She did some healing on my throat that I could feel, (I do not usually feel things like this), and she explained why it was hurting. She sorted out my confusion on fasting, because it is working and I love it, but I was getting headaches. Thank you with all of my heart Tamsin! I will be back for more sessions, and I cannot wait to work you again!” 

Val, USA

"I am so glad I booked a session with Tam! She is a brilliant healer and her physic abilities are quite next level. As I integrated the healing over the next few days I was able to process my feelings of not being supported and I began to clear so much trauma that was keeping me in a constant state of 'flight or fight'. I will be doing another session with Tam for sure!"

Katya, Canada

“Tamsin is very talented, compassionate and caring. Her amazing psychic gifts bring more understanding, new insights and healing"

Sarah F, UK

“Tamsin has such a fun and loving energy about her. She helped me connect with my grandma who I had never met as she died before I was born and growing up my mum never spoke about her. She was estranged from the family, but I didn't know why. Tamsin was able to connect with her and we found out what happened. I couldn't believe I was able to hear her side of the story. Thank you, Tamsin."

Robyn J, New Zealand

“With a relaxed, friendly and bubbly personality, Tamsin is able to detect and divulge important insights as to what I maybe struggling with at the time. I in turn am able to relax and listen comprehending any information from her with ease. I know that blockages within have been lifted and a newer sense of freedom results."

Christy, USA

"After my session with Tamsin, I felt like I was floating from the release of dense and old emotions.  It was the best feeling in the world, and I wanted to hug her through the phone.  She connects quickly and easily and explains consciousness in a simplified, and yet very profound way - she identifies the root and sees the bigger picture and all the viewpoints in-between.  Thank you so very much Tamsin!"

Amanda, USA

"It has been a week since my incredible healing session with Tam and I am excited to say I now have a deeper understanding of things happening in my life, that I would not have been able to see on my own.  She was able to confirm things currently happening in my life and look further in to see where I have unprocessed emotions.  She was also able to tweak my perspective on an issue that allowed me to better understand the whole situation.  Thank You Tam. I am so grateful for your helpful insight. "

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