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60%ish Fake Accounts on Social Media!

Updated: Apr 3

So, it has been reported that there are more then 60% of profiles on social media that are fake! Where did everyone go? So, when you see videos that have millions of views it’s because they want your energy and attention on it. That's because these videos fit the agenda. Lets face it we all know the truth and how these social media platforms are all now basically run by AI. I know that my own YT channel is covered in fake accounts now, I'm not sure what I said to attract them.

To me that would mean they are pushing the narrative. I feel that it goes for some of the so called truthers out there. I don't believe all are knowing of this though as we're all just trying to make sense of it all but I do feel there are others who know what they are doing. You'll be able to see through the BS by staying in your truth. Be careful as they do tend to mix truth wrapped up to BS to suck you in.

They are talking some truth mixed in lies, manipulation to attract you get you in a certain frequency. Mad really, as I don’t feel that some of them know what’s happening or how they are being used. They use the truth from people heart led and manipulate it, jump on the ban wagon and also try to sell you a false hope. By saying this and what will happen but it never does. I know I’m sort of saying stuff but my info comes from within, I don’t channel or have anyone and anything telling me. I come on here because I don’t want people getting sucked in anymore all.

Don't double guess yourself, if your getting an off feeling then move away. I speak my truth which doesn’t mean it’s your truth but you might resonate with the context etc. I just want you to be empowered and know that you have all the answers that you need at this time. I do feel a lot of people will start to see and feel past the BS and then the people who come from the heart will be there to help those.

We all get suckered into these things. It’s designed like that and they know what to say etc. our mind has been programmed to believe it and to go outside for the information and not trust the heart. I’m just trying to share my experience etc in hopes that it might help others start to unlock and empower themselves and hopefully move away from the dark false reality.

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You're not alone in this.

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