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"Are Declining Costs a Sustainable Trend for the Future?"

Updated: Apr 3


Well I was connecting to my higher self yesterday, she told me that bills, rent, mortgages, food prices, fuel and taxes etc are all coming down and soon. So, yeyyyy the costs are coming down, it might be a slow process with the fight that is going on but just know the costs are coming down. Also that I had to be patience as it is happening. She told me that I would have more money to spend on things I love to do and experience soon.

I wanted to share this with you all to let you know it is all coming to an end and things will get better. We just have to be patient and keep doing what your doing. Allow the energies to flow, don't restrict them or try to control them as it only prolongs it. Just allow yourself to trust that everything is working out as it should and in your favour.

The unconscious reality is getting worse and as we observe it. It might appear to be bad for us. So, if you find yourself getting sucked in from time to time. It's ok. Use that opportunity to understand why your feeling this way and heal the emotions that are keeping you in that frequency. There's still time and even though we are a part of a collective we are in our own individual realities. The abundance of money will come to us all but maybe in different forms and ways, depending on our journeys. This will mean the cost of things will come down for you or you will attract more money to pay for it.

Just know that it will be alright. We are in this together. The financial system is imploding on the unconscious reality, just like everything else. This means the costs are coming down. This is alright. We need this to happen to create a new and a better way for us all. There are many things happening on all levels that we are not fully aware of at this time, I mean on a multi dimensional and different realities to the multi verse. We are living through amazing times. 🥰

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Money doesn't even exist

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