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Unveiling the Power of Mantras in Songs: A Key Element in the Victim and Savior Program

Updated: Apr 3

When I'm working I like to listen to classical FM sometimes for the non word songs. This is because the words carry frequency and when it's used in the wrong way, it can cause someone to change their emotions and therefore change their behaviour. A lot of songs out now are all about this and are mantras. Most of the basic tunes are also based on songs you would of heard as a child. This is so you gain an emotional attachment to the song and therefore succumb to its frequencies.

My partner sometimes listens to radio x which has mainly rock music on it. There's nothing wrong with listening to any sort of music. Just be emotional aware of what the message is and how you feel when your listening to it. Some music can give you an up lift.

A lot of the main stream music is about getting you in a low frequency, so your more programmable and less empowered. Its also worth noting that the victim/saviour energy is still in all of us in various degrees, as it will take time to heal this completely and out of the collective. This is why the saviour program is on over drive right now. You can see it all around. People wanting to be saved so badly that they turn to the governments, politicians, celebrities, doctors, medicinal industry and the financial industry for the answers and the solutions. All in hopes of being saved. But they won't help you. They want to control and manipulate you as they have been doing for centuries. An empowered being is not what they want, because then you can't be manipulated and controlled. The more you heal this victim/saviour frequencies in yourself the more you can see it. It's like that film 'they live'. When he takes off the glasses he can't see what's in front of him but when he puts them on, he can see the truth.

This is why the whole super hero thing is massive right now. A lot of this programming is done on your energies and on a subconscious level.

This brings me too the new Foo fighters song. My partner put on radio x and they played this song on the hour every hour. The song is full of mantras and is all about needing a saviour. That's what the words are 'I need a saviour'. It's repeated so much and the tune is so basic. To me, I can hear the bull shit but it does get stuck in your head after a while. This triggered something in me that I needed to heal, which was a great opportunity to look into myself. Once I cleared this victim/saviour energy in myself the song changed even more to me. It was like they were demanding me to need a saviour and telling me what to do. I thought what a load of rubbish and turned it off.

This got me thinking about all the mainstream songs I would listen too when I was younger, because I don't actively seek out to listen to any of it anymore and haven't for a long time. But when I was a teenager, rap became big and it was so aggressive. I remember being such an angry teenager too so this combination wasn't great and the music I listened too just fed this anger in me.

So, get your awareness prepared for this victim savour program energy on high alert right now. Once you start noticing it, you can't unsee it. It's all in our faces. To me it feels like they are so desperate to keep us low and distracted from finding ourselves. The more they push, the more people start waking up. It's great really when you think about it. I just wanted to get this information out to the collective so others can empower themselves and heal this low energy. 🥰

If you would like support and guidance on how to overcome the victim saviour program, I offer 1-2-1 Energy Healing sessions we we can unlock this dense energy program within you. You deserve to feel at peace and more free.

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A status with a balance
You deserve to feel more at balance within yourself

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You are so right! In the grocery store they play sad music on purpose. Classical music is the best, especially at work. I love listening to birds singing and have a play list on YouTube, I also listen to your videos!

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