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Odd looking Star on a full moon 14th June 2022

Updated: Apr 3

Late last night while the full moon was bright in the sky at the back of my house. I was saying good night to one of my cats who has her own little bed on the window ledge that’s facing the front of my house and I seen a very odd star.

There were no other stars around it or in that area at the time. Well what I thought was a star at first changed to flash different colours so clearly. It went from green to orange to white to blue to yellow and it looked from a distance that it was spinning. Then it started to move up and down and then in circles but slowly and not in a dramatic way. I stood there observing this for a while. I got a feeling of a machine so I feel like this was a space ship or some sort or even a device. Could it of been a projector in the sky projecting the moon? It was directing across the sky from the moon.

The more I start to understand about this world the more I believe in sci fi and fantasy films and books. The unbelievable has been made that way so we don’t know the truth about who and what we are and most importantly what we can do.

If I find out anymore about this I will share. 🥰

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stary night
You're not alone in this.

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