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"How to Rewire Your Brain for Positive Thinking: Reprogramming Negative Thoughts"

Updated: Apr 3

As a follow on from my blog regarding healing and understanding the grief emotions. I have been on a path of healing and understanding various aspects of emotional grief and loss for the past month or so, and I'm starting to come out of it now. It's really taken a lot out of me but I'm so grateful to get the chance to experience and feel these deep emotions. It's really a gift.

Because I've done so much emotional understanding of self and releasing traumas over the past few years. I'm now at the point where my negative thoughts, which once took over my whole being at times has calmed down, and are no where near as powerful and loud as they once were. This has taken a lot of looking at myself and trauma healing but it's so worth it. I'm not dominated by these negative thoughts as I once was. It's such a good reminder of how far you've come when you get these relations.

What I've found now is the negative thoughts that still come up from time to time are a habit that I no longer need to keep repeating as I've done the emotional work. Of course I still have work to do with believing, trusting and loving myself. I'm a working progress. But I've been listening to the negative thoughts and allowing them to express and then I ask myself; "do I really believe this, is this true, is it fact?" I've found that these negative thoughts have no longer any emotional power behind them. It's like they're empty and don't have a strong hold over me as they once did. So, I've figured they can now be reprogrammed very easily.

For example when I hear that little voice saying "you can't do this". I ask myself "is this fact and why not?". Then depending on what I tell myself I'll ask myself "is this how I truly feel?". This tends to bring more awareness to my masculine and feminine energy of these thoughts. In response, to this question I ask myself, so far the answer has been no! Then I change it to "I can do it, and instead I ask my mind to bring forward an example of when I have overcome something and succeed. In response I've been getting flooded with all sorts of positive examples from my own experiences. After I did this I didn't get these thoughts again and instead my mind has been showing how I can do things. Give it a try.

So, what I've learnt is when negative thoughts are not linked to emotional trauma they can be easily over turned. There has been many times over the years that I've told myself that I can do this and that, but it never really stuck. Now it feels so different. It's so empowering to overcome such negative thoughts that no longer service a purpose for me.

Undoing all of our negative programs will take time and take your love. Loving yourself is so important. When I say loving yourself it's not the narcissistic traits of being in love with yourself. I mean loving yourself by knowing your value, worth and respecting yourself.

There is so much more to you then we have been told. You are amazing and your here for a reason and that reason is to learn, experience, enjoy, expand and shine.

So, shine your light bright for everyone to see.

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