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Where are the people going?

Updated: Apr 3

Is it just me or does there appear to be less people walking around, in shops etc?

Even at work I’ve noticed that more people are leaving work but we’re not getting that much interest in any of the positions.

The feeling I get from this and why I noticed it was because it’s partly that people who are choosing to end this human experience are leaving but also that the holograms and robots are fading away into either the background or being switched off.

This got me thinking. If the robots are being turned off does that mean that they never existed at all? Will the memory of them just be erased? What I got downloaded was that it will like you were at school and you had a friend that was a robot but of course you didn’t know (actually children are more connected so let’s say secondary or high school teenage years) and then now many years later you don’t even think of them or remember them because they have gone and been erased and so is the imprint the robot left when it was pretending to be human and live with us. Mental hey! I bet there is a film or something out there that shows this already.

I feel like this is happening because the higher lighter energies will not support lies, control or manipulation. Having fake people walking around to make us try and fit and follow the dark agenda is just not going to cut it anymore.

It would be interesting to hear if anyone else is seeing/feeling this too? 🥰

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You're not alone in this.

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