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24th Sept 2022 - I Smell BS and More Lies

Updated: Apr 3

So, the 24th Sept 2022 nothing is going to happen, just more lies. Even though all the 'truther's are saying it will be a big day. I'm sure they have been saying the same thing for years now. I feel like one of the mean girls shouting out - its not going to happen so stop trying to make it happen.

I feel this date has been said to get you to focus your attention to it and help them create what they want. So, they lie and make something sound scary to get you in fear and in a low vibration. But the truth is, no one knows what's going on but their ego wont allow them to say so, so when one says something, they all follow. I also get it is a chance to get people in a lower frequency of fear and to create uncertainty for the collective. However, things are happening all the time and have been for many years now with the split and creating the new earth.

So, I guess it depends on which reality your talking about and have chosen to experience. Stay in your truth and focus on living how you want to live and you will see through the lies. We have amazing times coming and it can't be stopped. The dark reality is fake and was created through controlling our minds. This is how powerful we are, our hearts give us our BS radar to detect the lies. Now, start creating a reality you want to experience instead of giving over your energy to creating a reality where you don't win.

You can't beat the system with the system. So, get out of the system and start living.

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dog sat on the grass
Be like our animals and be present and enjoy life

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