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Covering of the Belly Button

Updated: Apr 3

So, this is completely random but then so am I. I just received this random and out of the blue download which is for many years of football in the U.K. the footballers used to put their tops over their heads. Now they get a yellow card if they do that and this rule has been in place in only recent years. So, why have this silly rule?

In addition, in the fashion industry there has been more clothing that covers the belly button too. So, why is there a sort of war against belly buttons?

Well clones don't have belly buttons.

Just something to think about. 🥰

On another note, our bellies once connected and aligned with our minds and hearts help create our reality. This area is exposed and vulnerable. It has also been attacked for generations but it is still strong and gets stronger everyday. Love your belly!

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belly dancers
Love your belly

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