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"Exploring the Beauty of Our Complexity: Embracing the Multifaceted Nature of Being Human"

Updated: Apr 3

I've been learning a lot about my own emotions as well as others when in sessions, and I realise my words are limited in describing the emotions I'm feeling. To say I'm feeling sadness or happiness in my eyes is not enough to truly describe the human emotion. We are truly complex and our emotions can not be put in a box or under a label. There are many variations to feeling happy or sad, which doesn't fit into these concepts.

I feel that these words were created on purpose by limited beings in away of trying to control and limit how we truly feel, so we're never truly expressing how we feel or understanding how beautifully complex we are.

So, from now on if I feel happy or sad I will not try to put my feelings in a box but instead allow myself to feel and express all variations of it without needing to describe it through limited words. Human emotions are more complex then the English language allows.

It's the same I feel with how I see colours. We see so many variations of colour that the words can't describe it fully, so we end up limiting what we see by saying it's green.

Going forward, just enjoy how you see and feel in your reality and don't worry about putting the 'correct' words for it. Instead just focus on the beautiful human you are and be present with it.

There is much more to you then we have ever been told about what it is to be human. Let go of limiting beliefs of self and allow your beauty to shine. 🥰

I offer 1-2-1 Energy Healing Sessions where I can help you express and unlock dense emotions that might be holding you back from stepping into the life you want to create. Or why not come and join in the fun on Patreon, as we explore consciousness.

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Embrace how beautifully complex you are

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