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Emotions are the Universal language of consciousness

Updated: Apr 3


I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the shift in energies at the moment. It's like a roller-coaster ride each day is something new, but hang in there, as the highs and lows are so important for you to understand yourself for your own expansion.

Everything has its own unique frequency and each one vibrates at certain rates that communicate. This communication is done via the frequencies exhibited from emotions. Emotions are the universal language of consciousness. This is why it's so important for you to understand how you feel and to be present in how your feeling. Because this has an impact on how your creating your beliefs and your reality each day.

Our beautiful bodies are designed to express these frequencies through our emotions and also translates variations of frequencies vibrating at different rates by the emotional signature it receives. We are currently just fine tuning our bodies through the embodiment process of what we want to feel.

This is how powerful we are and how powerful our emotions are. They are our connection. You can communicate and connect with every conscious being around you. You just need to be present in how your feeling, be honest with yourself and most importantly be kind to yourself. Don't try to over analysis it with thoughts, our thoughts don't understand sometimes the true depth of our emotions. When you ask yourself how are you feeling and worry with the response then remember each emotion is important and if there is some resistance, then take it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

I have done an exercise to help you connect more with your heart/emotions in your body and each month there will be more exercises on the Patreon, if you'd like to join.

The reason why I wanted to bring this up was to explain, why our emotions have been attacked, and made out to be insignificant to our thoughts. Our thoughts do help give us our perspective on our reality, and this in turn does feed into how we create our reality and our beliefs, but the underlining power that holds it together and sets the frequency vibration is the emotion. The emotion binds it and gives it power.

When communicating what it is you'd like to create in your reality and say 'I want this and that'. Remember to feel what emotion your adding to this as it's this feeling that consciousness reads, not the words or thoughts as such.

This is why the emotional manipulation has been so strong in our world. The best way I can describe it is how you might watch a program on TV, or where ever, and feel different after watching it. It might feel confusing because the image is portraying one thing but you feel different. There has been a lot of fear frequencies projected out and if you too, have this fear within your own frequency make up, then this will trigger you and bring your body into feeling the same way you once did that is associated with this emotion. The media industry understand this and uses this. That is why for many years traumatised people with certain frequencies are used to broadcasts their true feelings in hopes of attracting yours, keeping you low in this frequency, so you can align your energies with it and therefore become more susceptible to control and manipulation.

This is away of keeping us in fear or having to re-live these emotions without actually experiencing them again. The only way to stop this from happening is through healing and understanding of what's with in us and taking away its power over us.

An example - I have been watching a range of films that many years ago, before I became more aware of myself had a significant emotional impact on me but now do not. It makes me think if the films were any good to begin with. When I've been rewatching certain films that had this big impact on me back then, I'm finding now how poorly done or poorly acted or bad scripted etc these once impactful films were to me are really. It's like the vial has been lifted. It's such a fascinating topic really to discuss. I'd love to hear if your having similar experiences on your journey.

Man sat on a boat
Look forward to the journey you're on and unlock your emotional language

The key is the more you understand your own emotions that align with your own unique frequency, and step more into your true authenticity. The more you feel. Feeling is your own emotional compass, your inner guidance. This emotional compass is communicating constantly with consciousness and the more you trust how you feel, the more you trust your life and what your creating which in turn gives you back your own ability to understand what your creating.

Check in with yourself everyday and ask yourself - 'how do I feel?' Or 'how do I feel about this or that?' and allow your feeling to be felt in your body and or allow the consciousness to connect with you through other conscious beings.

All emotions are valid and needed. From our negative/positive emotions we learn/experience what we want or what we don't want to create. This is important for us at this time because it is now us who choose how we want to create going forward. The more you trust your feeling the more you can feel the manipulation and control that's been taking place.

Remember nothing can happen in your reality without your consent.

Thank you for your time and being here 🥰

If you would like to tap into your emotions more for a deeper understanding of self then why not book a 1-2-1 session with myself where we can unlock any blockages and level up your vibrations.

Or I hope to see you on Patreon where we're diving into more understanding of consciousness. 🥰

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