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"Exploring the Unique Qualities of the Masculine and Feminine Energies: Embracing Our Differences"

Updated: Apr 3

As the title suggests I wanted to write this post on how males and females are different and how this needs to be not only accepted, but celebrated. As I write the words 'male' and 'female' are even corrupt as the English language states that fe-males can't be without males but males can be without females. This is completely wrong and the opposite to the truth, which I'm sure your aware of. Just something that simple has an impact on our perspective as our perspective going towards creating our beliefs and reality.

We can't have males without females and we can't have females without males. That's the truth so the words created are wrong.

We are apart of consciousness experiencing itself in a duality reality, which is why we have our masculine and feminine energy. Our feminine energy is our emotional intelligence and who we are. Our masculine energy is the master of the physical reality and protects, supports and allows the feminine to express itself. Both energies are so important and are needed to be in balance with each other.

We must celebrate being a man or a women because you truly are magnificent! I think we are only touching the surface of what men and women can really do and I'm excited to explore this as we continue into the new earth energies. We can still see and experience the devolving/dark reality for now because it is a gift to help us figure out what we don't want to create in the evolution/light reality.

People walking near a lake
It's time to embrace our differences

As I'm sure your aware the reason why I say this is because of all the attacks on both the masculine and feminine energies that have happened over generations. Both have been attacked to stop them coming together and shining. One can't live without the other.

Both men and women should be celebrated for their difference. Their strengths should be celebrated, supported and be allowed to shine.

This brings me onto how we are all unique too. Each and everyone of us has our own unique frequency that vibrates and shines at our own amazing rates and this should be celebrated too. Being different is also being attacked and the 'differences' are being put into another box where they are the same. Of course we have similarities but how our brains work are individual.

Our school system and society has tried to put us in a box and tried to make us feel insecure when we don't fit in the box. From my own experience I know I tried my hardest to fit in these boxes but I didn't. I always felt different. I would find myself sitting there in class and it was like everyone else was in a secret joke that I didn't understand. I never seen things as linear or took on what the teachers said. I would struggle to try and change this to fit in out of fear and this continued to my adulthood. My struggle was because I was going against the flow of myself, my own energies. Life flows and just works when your in the flow of your life and not going against it.

Life flows like a river and we flow with it. Of course there are bumps in the river but that's apart of the fun. But I was trying my hardest to swim up the river and against the flow. This was because of fear of not feeling that I was enough just being me.

This was my experience and I did what I needed to do to get to where I'm now so don't be hard on yourself, allow yourself to be your amazing unique you and celebrate your differences because this is what makes you, you and your amazing!

Truly loving ourselves might feel alien to some but just look at how far you've come and everything you have overcome. You should be so proud of your journey and be you because you are enough just the way you are.

I help people discover more about themselves on a deeper light body level where our masculine and feminine energies hold the key to self discovery and healing old wounds, such as traumas in this life or the past or generational. If you would like to unlock more knowing about yourself maybe you'd like to book a 1-2-1 healing session with me. Or join in the fun of exploring and expanding our understanding of consciousness in our Patreon group. Either way, thank you for being on this journey with me. 🥰

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