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"Feeling Stuck and Unproductive in Your Life with These Energies"

Updated: Apr 3


So, I thought I would write about an energy update. Anyone else feeling stuck? I haven't had time to put a video together for the YT yet as I've been busy with work, family and being really tired, like really tired. I've had a couple of amazing downloads this week about the multiverse which I will share in a video soon. Also my heart is telling me something about 6th Sept 2023, but I'm not sure what. I feel I just have to trust and allow this date to come and show what will happen. I don't know if it's for me personally or the collective. Predicting dates and times is tricky because time and dates are only in this matrix construct and outside it there is no time. On this topic, I bring this post back to my original title of the energies at the moment. For me a many others I talk too (which is why I decided to write this post as it appears that it's not just happening to me) about the energies for the past week couple of weeks is so dense it's like moving through treacle. It's also very tiring to move or do anything in it.

For me, it's like waking up and then I'm sat stuck in jelly. I can move but it's like my body is so heavy to. I've had this before when we get a real deep in the energies but it normally lasted for a couple of days. This time seems longer and it's not only effecting the body movement but the thoughts too. I'm finding that even my thoughts are heavy and talking has a toll too. I have also experienced an irritable energy that's been coming to the surface in my energy field for release as well as tears needed. Motivation and all round energy levels are low for me so doing anything has been a difficult task, apart from sleeping. That I find easy. For the first few days I just relaxed and allowed myself to do what my body, heart and mind needed. Then a week later I started getting annoyed with myself and started to force myself to do things I was doing before like go to a spin class. But even this was like I was peddling in treacle. So instead I've opted for resting and walking in nature and being kinder to myself.

For me, I'm at the point where all the healing I've done and now processing has taken its toll and now I need to allow my energies to recharge for what's to come. These energies are forcing me to rest, because I don't tend to allow myself to completely rest and switch off, which I feel we all need to learn to do right now.

You will be naturally healing your energies or if your seeking assistance from someone like myself or others you will find that with these energies it might slowing you down. Our healing has been ramped up over the past few years which is why so many people are being aware of themselves because we are being supported at this time. However, we're also getting ready for what's coming next and this is the exciting part. There is going to be a tidal wave of high energies coming in to us hard and fast so we all need to be ready for them. Don't resist it and listen to yourself. We are all at different stages but this is because we are working as one but on our own unique timelines. Where your at right now is where you need to be.

So, with all this in mind please do listen to your bodies. If you need to rest, rest. If you need to recharge in nature, go for a walk. If your needing understanding of emotional trauma and clearing, sit with your own thoughts and allow the emotions and thoughts to come to you. Don't fight or resist it. Allow what you need right now to be because the best is yet to come. 🥰

For more update energy readings on the collective why not stop by Patreon and join in the exploration of consciousness. I also offer 1-2-1 Energy Healing sessions, if you feeling a little low and not sure why.

It might feel like your stuck sometimes but you're still moving.

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