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Understanding Generational Trauma: Its Impact and Healing Processes

Updated: Apr 3

The more I understand about the dense trauma energy we carry through our blood line the more it makes sense how I express it in my own life. Our grandmothers when pregnant with our mums hold her ovaries as well and they can hold dense trauma energy that we carry. If our grandmothers while pregnant with our mums experience a dense energy trauma then this passes on to our mums and then to us.

This trauma energy might be expressed in different ways in our grandmothers to our mums to us but you can see how this energy can continue for generation to generation in females. This is why going into our trauma might not be enough to completely understand and heal the energy because we have to go back to our grandmothers. This then might be past from our great grandmothers and so on. I believe massive traumatic events that have happened are designed to create these dense energies so they continue to travel down each family line.

By gaining the mental understanding of this trauma isn't enough to clear it. We have to do the emotional understanding and releasing too but not just for us but for our mothers, grandmothers and sometimes great grandmothers. This might seem impossible when your thinking in the physical reality. But this is where the energy healing work comes in. These dense unconscious energy we have running through our energy fields are for us to understand on a deeper level.

It takes time to heal so don't be too hard on yourself if you find your going around in the same trauma cycles. It might be that you need to go deeper to the root. This is why we have come here to do this so the dense trauma energy cycles stop for the next generation. What your doing is so important right now and you can do this. Never give up! You've got this. 🥰

If your looking for some guidance on your own generational trauma then I offer 1-2-1 Energy Healing sessions where we can explore this and overcome this together. Also why not joining in the fun and discover more about consciousness at our Patreon group, we would love to see you there.

We all have a role to play in this reality

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