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How does grief impact your mental and emotional well-being?

Updated: Apr 3

Hi all,

I wanted to give an update on my healing journey for the past month so far. I'm still in the thick of it but wanted to share in case you too have been feeling similar to knowledge share.

I've been grieving so much, like crying every day on various things, such as the life I wanted but haven't got and it didn't have, to my past lives and even my family line old wounds. There's been a mixture of loss and grief emotions coming up everyday that have impacted my mental and emotional body. Lots and lots of tears and some anger to express. Even the word grief and loss doesn't really explain fully the complexity of these emotions.

These deep emotions have been stored in my heart and are linked to my inner child too. I've been allowing it to come up when I need too, instead of holding it in and ignoring it. I have spent many years trying to hold it in or devaluing how I felt it saying I'm silly to feel this way and that, so I don't truly grieve. I would say "oh it's not that bad" or ignore my feelings and then suppress them. But these feelings are so valid and need to be released and understood. I'm still in the thick of it, so I'm not at the point where I feel much calmer and lighter. But this is ok, it's a process and it takes as long as it takes.

Allowing our emotions such as grief to be felt fully in the body is such a gift to yourself because it's a way of self love. Your listening, respecting and allowing yourself to be human. This allows for more expansion to come through.

Our emotions such as grief give us so much power and they come in many forms. Being in our human form is a gift and many other beings want to experience it and are jealous of our gifts. Many inverted beings don't understand our emotions and try to put it in a box. But we are so much more then this and are now breaking free from our boxes. How amazing is this!

I journeyed to Gaia for support and she told me that this grief is coming up because we have all been living in fear and basically in a prison and not living how we wanted. We have been controlled and manipulated. Our beautiful reality has been turned upside down and inverted. It's the realisation that we have not been living but surviving. This is huge when you think about it.

Now Gaia is higher, she's got us. I just felt so safe. Like I realised how unsafe I have felt before now. Again this brought about many more tears. We have all been unsafe but now we are safe and this is why for me I feel safe to grieve.

The loss emotion at first, I couldn't understand why because some of what I was grieving I had not had and it was a want. So, I couldn't understand why I was grieving a loss for something I didn't have. But it's also valid because our imagination helps us create our reality and me imagining how I wanted my life to be and then it not happen was a loss. It's a loss of my manifestation. We create our own reality and sometimes for various reasons it takes longer or doesn't transpire as we once imagined. It can be really hard to except this at the time and when your heart really wants it. But it doesn't mean it's not going to happen or come. It just means your not ready for it or some learning and understanding is needed first. Once you receive what your heart desires it will make sense why you once had to wait. Everything does happen for a reason and you are right where you need to be.

So, please do allow yourself to feel all your emotions, even grief if that's what you need to express. You are safe and how you feel is valid. Your so important and needed here and I thank you so much for you being here. We're in this together and together we are changing the inverted energies one at a time. 🥰

If you would like help support on your emotional grief then I offer 1-2-1 energy healing sessions where I tap into your consciousness for a deeper understanding of where this emotional pain is to unlock and level up your frequencies. Our bodies store this dense energy which cause dis-ease but you can heal this.

Why not join the rest of us on Patreon and expand your understanding of consciousness.

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Your not alone in this.

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