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"How to Release Negative Emotions: Strategies for Better Well-Being"

Negative emotions tend to stem from an experience that put us into a state of feeling unsafe, unwanted, unloved, in fear and afraid. These negative emotions are powerful and must be expressed. When these emotions are not expressed it can cause depression and these dense energies can stay and build up in the body. Once built up in the body they become a blockage in your energies, hindering on your wellbeing and cause dis-ease when they knock you off your alignment.

These negative emotions are valid to feel and express, but you must do this in a healthy way and within balance of yourself. When we overreact, it tends to be in response to a trauma from our childhood or even past lives. To unlock the powerful reaction and become freer to be yourself use the following strategies to help effectively release these emotions from your body. By understanding the root, feeling the emotion, and expressing it in your body will help you release it.

Identify the Emotion and where it comes from: The first step in expressing a negative emotion is to identify what you're feeling. What is ignited in your body when you feel this. Do you want to cry, punch something or shout at someone. Take a moment to check in with yourself and acknowledge the emotion you're experiencing. Notice your habit of response to feeling this emotion. Do you blow off or do you shut down? Do you feel overwhelmed, helpless or over stimulated? Whether it's anger, sadness, fear, or frustration, allow yourself to name and validate your feelings without judgment. Now you know what emotion you wanting to express, where does it come from? What was the trigger? Understanding what triggered you helps to figure out the root cause. A lot of our triggers may put us back into a child like state. This is a good indicator as to what the cause might be. I’ve been helping many people over the years figure out the root cause for many of there negative emotions. Sometimes it takes another person’s perspective to help you understand what’s going on. Remember all emotions are valid.

Acknowledge the Sensation in the body: Once you have identified the emotion, pay attention to how it feels in your body. Notice any physical sensations or discomfort associated with the emotion. This could include tension in your muscles, tightness in your chest, or a knot in your stomach or throat or clenching of the jaw and/or knuckles. Simply acknowledging and allowing yourself to feel these sensations and how you normally express them in your body can help to release some of the emotional energy stored in your body. Our bodies have an excellent way of expressing the same response to a stimulus as the original response to the trauma. Our bodies store this information and doesn’t know the difference to this threat or the past one. It just reacts the same as it once did. This can sometimes put you back in a position that is not great for your body. We tend to continue with our suffering when we feel we have to survive.

Practice Deep Breathing and Meditation: Deep breathing and Mediation can help to calm your nervous system and release tension from your body by allowing you the head space to remember you are not in the same situation as you once were, the threat is being re-lived in our minds and not in the present. Take some deep centring breaths, focusing on fully inhaling and exhaling your lungs. As you breathe, imagine yourself exhaling the negative emotion and inhaling peace and relaxation. Repeat this process several times until you feel more centred and grounded. If you are experiencing anger and/or frustration, I find it useful to image I’m breathing fire and with each breathe I can feel the rage come out with each warm breath. Remember you are safe, you’re alright and your normal as everyone has such experiences in their lives.

Physical Movement: Engaging in physical activity that you enjoy can be a powerful way to release pent-up emotions from your body. Try going for a walk-in nature, practicing yoga, dancing like no one is watching – singing helps too, or engaging in any form of exercise that allows you to move your body, but it helps if you enjoy the activity. Physical movement can help to release tension and promote a sense of well-being. Walking in nature has many health benefits because natures energy is calming and peaceful and when your surrounded by it you can’t help but tap into it. It’s a powerful thing nature and we as a society have taken it for granted for far too long, yet still mother nature is there for us every step of the way. She is our biggest supporter and loves us.

Journaling: Writing about your emotions can be a cathartic way to express and process negative feelings. This because you focus your masculine energy and connect with your feminine energy to express a balanced view of yourself. Set aside some time to journal about what you are experiencing, allowing yourself to express your thoughts and emotions freely on paper. You can write about what triggered the emotion which helps you heal from future stimulus similar, how it feels in your body and where is it focused, and any insights or reflections that arise.

Talk to Someone or Yourself: Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend, family member, or someone you resonate with can provide validation and support. Talking about what you are going through allows you to release emotions verbally and receive empathy and understanding from others. Choose someone who is willing to listen without judgment and who can offer support and guidance. Talking out loud to yourself alone is also helpful because it brings clarity to yourself.

Practice Self-Compassion: Be kind and compassionate toward yourself as you navigate these negative emotions because they stem from somewhere and a time where you felt unwanted/unsafe/abandoned/threatened/in danger. Recognise that it's normal to experience a range of emotions because we are emotional beings, our emotions give us power. Acknowledge that you are doing the best you can. Offer yourself words of encouragement and reassurance and remind yourself that you have the strength and resilience to cope with difficult feelings and the challenging situations they are linked too. It takes courage to look at oneself and not everyone is as brave as you.

Remember that expressing negative emotions is a natural and healthy part of being emotional human. By acknowledging, processing, feeling, and releasing your emotions through your body in a constructive way, you can promote greater emotional well-being and resilience in the face of life's challenges. You have everything you need and can over come anything.

If you would like an 1-2-1 Energy Healing Session with me to uncover where these emotions are coming from, then please do book via the booking page. Or you might want to join the Patreon group where you’ll find a bunch of support people all willing to listen. We are also exploring more about consciousness and what it means to be an emotional human at this time. Either way, thank you for your time reading this blog, I do hope this helps and that your journey to understanding self is empowering as can be.

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