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The Dark Reality Players: Victims of a Cruel Game or Willing Participants in Their Own Downfall?

Updated: Apr 3

When I say 'dark' I mean the unconscious ones. The ones in the dark shadows. Dark reality always turning on each other. Never know trust or truth as always on guard in case getting stabbed in the back and never knowing someone else true intentions. I feel sad for them. How trying must it be to put on such an act and also how lonely. They don't trust anyone, not even family members or even partners. Like they must have people around them all the time but still feel lonely even in their families. When your born into an occult family they don’t know anything different and all the romance movies are taken for us and the manipulated.

Most are born and then shipped off to boarding school to be groomed and some traumatised to keep them under control. Yes, they might make connections but that is all apart of the plan. Their lives are completely planned out. They cant do anything different. They are raised to be puppets that can act. Some have lost themselves completely that they have no idea who they really are, just what they express to us. Could you just imagine to live like this? They may look like they have all the money in the world but a lot of it is for show. A lot of celebrates energies that I've remote viewed have come back that they don't own anything but instead they are a product. They are owned.

The more I understand about consciousness the more I can see how the dark players are needed in order for us to expand and grow. Someone had to be the bad guy. In order for us to understand what we want and how we want to live, we first needed to understand how we didn't. This is where the dark players come in.

When I was young I always wanted to be famous but the more I uncover the truth, the more I'm so glad that I didn't end up down that path. I don't want to be owned or told what I can and can't do and have everything planned out. I enjoy not knowing and I love the freedom of having a choice. So, next time you look at a celebrity wishing you had that life (this is the made up life they portray), remember you have the choice.

That’s why they want us divided that’s why they keep us fighting but it’s not working and it never does because we do come together. We make up. We become friends again. We speak and live our truth and this is the true power within you is for you to live your truth and love yourself and those around you. This really is a beautiful world the truth is. The fake dark reality overlays can only affect you if you allow them too. Other wise you can walk away, look away and do what they don’t want you to do and live your life. Come together. No more fighting because that’s there way.

You can’t fight the system with the system because it’s not designed for you to win. Get excited about your life. Follow your heart and see where it leads. This is the fun stuff. We are unlocking our true abilities, our true gifts, our true us.

If you would like some guidance of how to unlock your true abilities then why not book a 1-2-1 Energy Healing session with me, and/or come and join the fun on Patreon. We're in this together!

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You're not alone in this.

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