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How to Embrace the Energy of Authenticity and Overcome the Dark False Reality

Updated: Apr 3

It's time to start focusing your own energies on the new reality you want to create for yourself and move away from the dark dense false reality that has been sucking our energy and controlling and manipulating us for far too long. The jig is up so to speak, their time is done. The dark reality over lays don't have as much power over us as they once did. It's time to pull back the curtain and see past the bullshit.

Having awareness of the dark reality is key but you don't have to put your energy to keeping it going anymore, it is not for your highest good. You deserve better and more of what this experience has to truly offer you. You are ready to step away. The dark false dense reality is imploding and the more chaotic that reality appears the more it is coming down. When you focus on that reality and put your attention to it, you can get emotionally sucked it. It's what we know but it's not what we need to continue. Your energy is your own, not anyone or anything else. You came here for a reason and for this challenge because of how amazing you are.

We all came here for a reason, and we are all up for this challenge of creating our own reality while shining our light on the false fake dark dense reality. I understand how much of a challenge this can be because oh boy don't, we get distracted by the darkness. Sometimes I feel like I'm a magpie when I'm on my path of truth and living my truth but then it's like something shinny comes up and then I get distracted from my true path.

Sometimes this shiny thing can be so enticing that it can suck you in and then you can be emotionally affected. That's the point of this to get you emotionally involved and distracted from your true path so you can provide them with your energy and continue to help creating their reality.

Once you become aware of this you'll start to see when this happens and therefore you will stay empowered and stay on your true path. You've got this.

We are all here to support you, there is so much love and support for us all at this time. You are not alone in this.

If you would like some healing support on your own energies then why not book a 1-2-1 Energy Healing session with me or why not join our Patreon as we explore consciousness.

rock in sand
You're not alone in this.

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