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"Turning Problems into Opportunities: A Guide to Learning, Healing, and Expanding Your Energies"

Updated: Apr 3

In my own experiences I’m starting to understand that I’m presented with opportunities to help expand my understanding of this reality and myself, encourage healing, transform my energies and enhance my human experience.

These opportunities don’t always make themselves known and can initially come across a challenges or to trigger my traumas and/or programs. At the time, I might not see it as an opportunity but it’s all about your perspective of it. Talking it out with others can help or even talking to yourself to help break it down. For example, I’m at the start of creating a business with this website and my videos on YouTube and Patreon and I was thinking should I look into marketing and how to promote my services etc. But then I had this feeling that maybe this is an opportunity for me to trust in my energies and trust that those who resonate with my energies and who would like to connect with me will come, in time.

I just have to let go of trying to control and being in my mind and instead trust in my heart. My heart has been guiding me to this point and for more then a year, I have had the urge to get myself out there to help people the best way I can and to provide my healing/mediumship services and to fulfil my purpose of helping release the old energies to bring in the new.

So, when something comes up that at first might seem like a challenge, don’t think about it, feel into it. Take a step back. Talk it out to help look at the situation for different angles. There is so much love guiding us here, we just have to be open to it. 🥰

If you would like some support in your healing journey then why not book a 1-2-1 Energy Healing session with me and lets expand together.

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