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It’s the final count down for the dark

Updated: Apr 3

Morning, so yesterday I heard about all these 'sightings' of UFOs and then the song 'it's the final count down' came to my head. As the dark reality gets smaller and is moving further away from the lighter reality it gets more chaotic because they are coming to the end. Everything takes time and this is a process of lifting our own frequencies away from the dense dark reality. Letting go of old limiting beliefs in self and old ways is a process and can be hard. So, give yourself some slack and have fun.

Just don't give your beautiful energy to the dark reality. It's fine to look as long as your not getting emotionally sucked in. Which is easier said then done. The dark are trying to attract you but see through what they are doing and shine your light to see the truth behind it.

Its laughable how they want us to be afraid of UFOs when we all know there are many beings here already.

Enjoy the show 🥰

Why not come along to our Patreon as we get the popcorn out and enjoy the fall of the old world together.

People playing in the snow
Its time to have some fun

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