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Remote Viewing my Other Self Having a Reality Experience

Updated: Apr 3

So, the other night I went on a journey to talk to my higher self because I wanted to understand why I choose my parents, which I did. But when I asked about why I wanted to experience the energy of emotional and physical abuse, I went straight to another experience my consciousness is having at the same time in this physical reality.

It was very surreal as I went to a Japanese lady who was struggling with an experience of physical abuse (I won’t say what happened as it’s not nice) that was a trauma. I know the energy well even though it can be expressed in different ways. The surreal thing was it was like it was me even though she looked differently. Your energies were the same because she is me and me her. We’re apart of each other in different realities. I felt her heavy heart and the dense dark energy that was there because of this trauma. I connected with her and showed her loving energy and our energy’s light up like this massive ball of light.

The was so healing for both of us to release and expand our awareness. This is why I'm here, to experience various frequencies vibrating at different rates in this reality. We are here to experience and create our reality. There is no wrong or right, just experience.

It was such an amazing experience that I was crying the whole time. It was what I needed to learn more about my own experience and about consciousness and what we are capable of. How exciting 🥰

If you too would like to understand more about why your here then why not book a 1-2-1 Energy Healing Session with me. Or why not join in the fun on Patreon.

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