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Masculine and Feminine Energies have always been Under Attack

Updated: Apr 3

There is more to us then our physical body. We are made up of our light bodies - feminine and masculine. This is because we are having a human experience in our dualities reality and universe. There are other universes where they are split more or not at all. The whole point is for consciousness to experience itself in unlimited ways.

Our feminine light bodies is our emotional energy that heals us and should be leading the path for our experience in connection with our higher self and soul. Our feminine energy is the nurturer and is connected to more then we even know and she can connect with others, animals, plants etc the list is end less. Our emotions are powerful which gives us energy and this is where the true magic happens.

Our masculine energy is how we create our reality and is so sensitive to the feminine energy and it's surrounding. The masculine senses are out of this world. With our feminine being the emotional intelligence and our masculine being the physical intelligence, together they are unstoppable. As long as they are connected together and are working in balance and know their roles. This is what we once was and are working towards getting back too. But this takes time.

Our feminine energy was the first energy to be suppressed to start the disconnection process. This is when the masculine became attacked as the connection to the feminine started to decrease so the masculine was unable to know what to do. Once the energy of doubt was created and loneliness in the masculine the trauma energy began. The masculine become lonely and started to try to protect itself and even protect itself from the feminine and even started to attack the feminine. This doubt was created by an inverted energy, a parasite from another darker universe. The masculine had lost its energy and started to look for energy from outside sources which the inverted universe was more then happy to provide. This energy provided was manipulated in order to control the masculine. The feminine energy was not able to connect and was either suppressed so much that it left or was put in a box by the masculine who didn't trust it anyway. The connections were lost.

The trauma continued and continued to create more areas of disconnection between the two energies. There was no balance. Sugar is a good physical example of how the masculine was controlled and manipulated as it gives the masculine a boost of energy, similar to the feminine energy. This is why it's in so much of our foods. I'm talking artificial sugar, not natural sugars. This disconnection continued over time and through the generations. More trauma was created. But this created such an imbalance in the universal energies. This has been happening throughout this universe too. We are trying to get back to balance. Because there was so much imbalance it started to create a shift. This helped Gaia start to awake from this and ask for help. This help was answered by other beings from other universes coming in to help bring back the balance. This is you!

This is what we are doing. By healing our trauma and being back our connections within us to bring us back to balance. Each one of us have come here to do this and each time we heal ourselves it has a powerful ripple effect out to the universe. This journey is not easy but we are doing it.

The system knows this is happening which is why they are trying to merge the sexes and thus the energies. They know the feminine is coming back and into her true power and the connections between the masculine and feminine are healing. The more connected you become the more you can feel and see the truth and the rest start to look so fake. You might be asking yourself has it always been like this. Yes! Is the answer. The system has always been like this because they are completely on their masculine side and have inverted energies. They have a lack of love and connection to their true selfs so they have to take others energy in order to be happy. But they will never be happy. This is where greed comes from and you can see how this energy can't stay here to long. Just look at the mess the money system is in. It's like this because of greedy because they have a lack of the feminine energy.

In there system they change the sexes all the time even from birth and then show them to us as male when they are females and so on. This is to cause confusion in our own energies. They have been trying to make the masculine energy be more feminine and the feminine now that they know it is coming out of being suppressed they are trying to show it as more masculine. This creates confusion in our own energies and a lack of understanding of which energy does what. This is out of design because they don't have a fully connected balanced human. That is what they are afraid of. But they can't stop what is happening. We have been out of balance for far to long. However, we all have a choice to heal and some will not choose this. That is ok because that is their journey. We have to respect their journey. For us who are choosing to heal we focus on gaining our connection back and come back into balance.

The reason why relationship don't tend to work out is because both might want to be on their masculine energy. This doesn't work out. Both roles have been attacked and we need to remember what is truly means to be a man and a women. We are getting their just don't allow yourself to get caught up in the shit show or the trans stuff. They want your attention. Your attention means your energy and if your emotional involved you give them power. Remember they are inverted and need your power so don't give it to them. Your string then you know. You are supported more then you know. Thank you for choosing to be here and to heal yourself. 🥰

If you would like some support in understanding your own masculine and feminine light bodies then I offer 1-2-1 Energy Healing Sessions where we can explore this more deeply. Or why not come and join the fun with us at Patreon, we would love to see you there.

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