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Masculine Energy - Mind Energy update 5th April 2022

Updated: Apr 3

Mind over matter - Masculine energy is struggling with the new energies because it needs to trust the feminine as she comes more into this reality. This will be a process and will take time. Use this time to look after yourself while your healing. Its time to live - you don't need to be in survival mode.

For the last few weeks I have been experiencing a really shift in my own energies to do with my masculine energy. This made me be more in my mental brain and I started to worry about money and all sorts of things. But my heart wasn’t worried at all. So, when I found myself going into these thoughts I checked in with my heart. When I did a healing journey on why this was happening I found that because I’m more in my heart (feminine) energy my masculine started to fight it and caused me to be more in my head. When I went to the root of this I found it was a fear energy that I had in me that came from my father where my masculine energy is in fear of being unwanted and unneeded. Having this understanding helped me heal this energy and also I was able to calm this part of me down.

What I got from this experience was I was able to see this energy playing out in others and on the main stage. In my own life I have seen males feeling this way and acting it out. So when I looked more into these energies I felt that this is something happening on a wide scale. The reason being is because we are going into a new reality where it is heart lead and not the mind. However, even though we are stepping into our hearts more it doesn’t mean we don’t need our mental mind. This is far from it. We need balance between them both. Our mental mind helps translate what our hearts want so we need them to work together as one. I hope this helps. 🥰

If you would like to some support in your healing journey then I do offer 1-2-1 Energy Healing sessions or maybe you'd like to get some more updates on the collective energies? If so, then why not join in the consciousness exploration on Patreon. We would love to see you there.

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You're not alone in this.

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