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"Exploring the Power of Reflection: How Mirroring Reality Can Lead to Greater Self-Understanding of Your own Unique Frequency"

Updated: Apr 3

I wanted to write a post on our mirror reality. What I mean by this is how everything that is in our physical reality is a projection of our inner reality. I mean this as an adult because as when we are children it's from our parents perspectives and it's different. The frequencies that make up our energies project outwardly in our relationships and the world around us. So, what we believe inside is what we see outside. Each experience is an opportunity to learn and expand your consciousness.

Our interactions with our physical world tend to be a projection of what's going on inside and it's a mirror for us to learn about ourselves more deeply on a consciousness level.

This goes for our interactions with each other. We tend to be a reflection of each other in some way. Majority of the time the behaviours and actions we see in others that have an emotional impact on us, tend to be a reflection of what emotions we have inside and what we want to understand about ourselves. It can be really hard to accept this about ourselves sometimes.

We are made up of various beautiful frequencies that make up our consciousness but we sometimes have dense/unconscious frequencies that we want to understand. These unconscious frequencies can be from trauma, the root of trauma, from our parents energies, past lives, generational and even the collective trauma. So, in order to understand these frequencies we bring them to our attention. When we want to understand them, we might create a situation or attract certain people who have them to us in our physical reality. These frequencies will then play out in various ways for us to understand and learn. This is what I mean about the mirror reality. They mirror what's going on within us.

A mountain range that is reflecting on the lake
This reality is a mirror of what's inside of us. What's within is projected outwards.

An example of this might be that you have an unconscious frequency within you regarding fear of failure. You may be in a trauma cycle of this and create an event in your physical reality to provide you with a situation where this fear of failure comes up. It is then your choice whether you want to heal, understand and become more conscious of this or not. Don't worry this takes time and courage to do and if you miss the opportunity, it's ok because you will create another one, when your more ready.

It's the same with people and our relationships with them. For example, you might have an unconscious frequencies, belief or program about not feeling good enough. You may exhibit this in many different ways and maybe when triggered it comes out as anger. If your wanting to understand this frequency you might attract someone who has the same frequency who mirrors you so you can see it, or they could trigger you to express it.

The reason I wanted to share these examples was to provide you with some guidance on how these things play out in our physical reality for your awareness. So, that next time you notice something in others where you have an emotional reaction or feel triggered. Remember that this is you creating this opportunity to understand you.

Understanding these unconscious frequencies helps to make them conscious and therefore, heal and release the unwanted aspects of them from our energy fields. By doing this we make space and prevent further blockages of our true selves to expand outwardly.

We are here to understand ourself on a deep level and everyone around us and everything is also apart of this. Can you see now how amazing you are. How important every single one of us are for each other and the collective as a whole.

I wanted to share this to not only help you understand more about consciousness but to also provide some insight into why you have had certain events and people come into your adult life. There is so much to learn about consciousness and I don't feel we will ever get to the bottom of it. But I don't feel we're supposed too. It's ever expanding so how could we. Instead, enjoy the process and remember how amazing you are. You are needed and wanted in this jounrey and I thank you for choosing to come here at this time. Amazing things are happening for us everyday. Tap into your heart to feel the collective energies and how much support you have right now.

If you would like some support and guidance on how to tap more into your heart then why not book a 1-2-1 session with me and we can unlock any blockages you may have that's getting in the way of you living your best life and levelling up. And/or why not join in the fun and explore with us about consciousness on our Patreon. I look forward to connecting with you and thank you or being here on this journey with me.

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