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How Can We Break Free from the Constraints of Our Past and Create a Better Future?

Updated: Apr 3

Our pasts are important to understand as they are apart of us but we don't need to continue to use our past experiences to dictate what we want to create for our future.

We have been programmed to continue to repeat old energies and old traumas which tend to have an impact on what we create for our future. But I'm saying why?

Our pasts are important to understand as it does make us who we are now and this is our foundation. We need to trust that our foundation is strong to hold us. We are building a new, so why do we need to repeat the past in our future? To me, by creating our past in our future it's limiting our true abilities to create something new.

The inverted reality can not create anything new, so they repeat. You can see evidence of this with music, movies and TV. It's all repeated. It's also a limited representation of who we truly are. We are consciousness which is unlimited. We don't need to keep repeating old patterns. We create from new and expand from there.

I got this insight from writing my book series where I'm going through old experiences to understand them and express them in the books. But now that I've done all seven first drafts. I have an idea for a whole new fantasy book where I'm creating a whole new world. It feels like this is my path to help me understand as I move forward. But I don't need to continue to hold onto past patterns for my future. I can now let them go.

We have been so used to needing to run forward quickly but this is how AI and the inverted reality work. They are always needing to consume because it's a parasitic energy that can't create, not even it's own energy, so it needs us to live. That's why there's so much fear and chaos pumping out in the dark reality because they are in so much fear as they have lost control.

We are stepping into our own empowerment of creating our own reality and this might seem scary at first because we're working from a blank canvas and a lot is unknown but this is also the beauty of it. We can create whatever we want. If you want to create some of the past energies to understand them that's fine because we are here to learn from our experiences. I'm just saying once you have the understanding it's ok to let it go. You don't need to continue to repeat it over and over again. Your past no longer needs to dictate your future.

Being present in your creation right now each day is a gift. You are a gift to this reality and we need every single one of you and your unique energy. You are unique, so remember that it's ok to express this. The world is ready for your creation. 🥰

If your wanting to unlock how your past impacts your present and to understand the blockages you may have then I offer 1-2-1 Energy Healing sessions where I can support you in levelling up and feeling more at peace. Or you might want to come and join in the fun with us on Patreon and explore consciousness.

An old book
The past might be behind you but it doesn't have to define you.

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