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Radio News - Matrix Reset program 00

Updated: Apr 3

So, following on from my previous blog about a lot of mainstream songs being mantras and/or to keep you in a low frequency such as the victim/saviour program. I noticed that the news is read out on the hour every hour when the time 'resets', so to speak. Each hour it has 00 in it. Each news read out on the radio is the same on most channels or at least the information is anyway as most of them say 'global news' before reading it out.

My heart showed me how the matrix try's to reprogram us with this as it does it every hour, on the hour. This time is significant as the time for that hour resets. So, this is away of programming your subconscious for that hour. The reason being is we are creative beings. If subconsciously we are being programmed every hour by the same thing collectively then we create the program to play out and keep playing out.

After discussing this with my beautiful other worldly friend Katya who helped me get confirmations of what I was feeling. She described to me about the 12 point matrix which I call the organic/conscious matrix and the 10 point matrix which is the over lay. The false reality, the unconscious reality. She told me the reset is 00, which linked to what my heart was telling me about the news.

So, when all the news information is centralised and then distributed out on all networks on the hour every hour. It keeps our subconscious in a sort of mind program. Even if you think your not listening to it. Subconsciously you are. There will be words and mantras too which carry frequencies that are designed to attract your attention and get you emotional charged.

On a side note, I only found out the other day that in the U.K. The news is classed as entertainment and not news even if they call themselves news. This is because in the U.K. there are very strict guidelines on news but no 'news' show gets audited for it because it's classes as entertainment. So they don't have to follow the guidelines set. This just shows how much the system is manipulated.

We are so important to the system and how it keeps going. Use the system to give you the opportunities to heal so you learn, grow and expand your awareness. Be aware of your emotions and where you focusing them. Pay attention to how you feel. If you get an icky feeling or feeling low or negative then it's not for your highest good, so don't give it what it wants. You attention, your energy and most importantly, your power! You have more power within you then you realise. The more we turn our attention to things that are good for our hearts, mind, body and soul the more the system will come down. Don't worry or put be hard on yourself if you didn't know this before. We're all learning the truth. This is why it's important to stand in your truth, say it and express it.

The new earth has always been here, we just couldn't see it. 🥰

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There's more to us then we've been told

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