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Living life to the fullest and from the heart rather than the ego involves cultivating a mindset and lifestyle focused on authenticity, connection, and personal growth.

Living consciously from the heart is something I get asked a lot from my clients. They ask me how to do this, what does it look like and how can they do this. The first thing I tell them is that its simple. A lot of these questions come from the mind presenting itself as the protective ego. Our minds tend to want to know how to do everything, it can’t help it because it feels under threat and must know everything there is to protect itself. Its in survival mode. Compared to when you’re living in your heart. Our hearts are full of love and compassion for our minds and understands the reasons why it wants to protect itself, it’s the defensive mechanism after all. The second thing I say is that its ok and to be kind to themselves for overthinking it. I used to do this too. Once our minds feel safer and trusting in the heart then it will know that its ok to not know everything. And thirdly, just relax. You are right where you need to be.

Living from the heart is the opposite to how we have lived in the upside-down inverted reality. It is because of this reason where our minds had to protect our hearts so fiercely and create our egos. We have been in a reality where the heart, which represents our true essence – the feminine energy, has been attacked and suppressed that it needed to hide away. Where our minds, which represents our masculine energy have been manipulated and controlled from outside sources because of this disconnection from self. Our minds have been in auto survival pilot because of this loss in connection to self. You might understand this more by reviewing your life in the past where it might have felt like you didn’t know yourself, you might have been more susceptible to outside influences and/or might not have felt anything at all. These are just a few broad general themes, and your life is unique and so is your experience, but I just wanted to provide some context. The word groundhog day is a good way to describe the mind matrix we were living in. This system has imploded on itself or still in the process of and while we transition, we are becoming more present in our bodies fully by unlocking our true essence and opening up our hearts. It really is a fascinating experience to be here and what an amazing time to be alive to really embody the wholeness of you. Of course, this too is a process and will take time to heal but it is worth it.

The reason why I wanted to write this blog was to provide awareness for this process of going from survival to living and to provide some tips that might be of use. Of course, you must always take what resonates with you. My intent is for you to build the belief in you and to actively manifest your own beautiful reality from your heart and your mind becoming as one. This is such a gift to yourself, and I appreciate your journey to self-discovery. The more you heal and grow, then more the collective consciousness does. So, it’s important for you to shine and step into your own unique true frequency that only you can.

To help you become more aware of living from the heart, the following are a couple of tips to get your heart to open up and fully embrace all of who you are:

Practice self-awareness of how you feel, think and react: Start by becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Notice when you're acting from a place of ego aka protection/lack/fear/doubt, such as seeking validation/recognition, comparing yourself to others, or acting out of fear. You might notice aches and pains in your body because our bodies hold our emotional energy, and it can be expressed by pain. Your body gives you clues, and you can ask yourself for the answers. Cultivate mindfulness and self-reflection to understand your true desires and values because once you become aware of yourself, you become aware of you and what you’re creating. We create our reality from who we are, so understanding what energy you are emitting in your field, helps to know if it is coming from your heart where you’re feeling deeply with love and compassion or from the ego where it might be represented by overthinking, fear, doubt or lacking. Once you become more aware of yourself you can heal the aspects of unconsciousness energy within.

Follow your passions and what makes you feel happy, joyful and gives you a buzz for life: Identify your passions, interests and pursue them wholeheartedly without analysis what will come from them or assume anything. Just do it for the joy of doing it. When you engage in activities that resonate with your heart, you naturally align with your true authentic self which sets you free from the mental mind programming and limiting beliefs. Allow your passions to guide your choices and decisions in life. Your heart will open up unlimited possibilities that our minds couldn’t dream of. Tune into your heart centre and listen and act upon its wisdom. Your heart knows what truly matters to you because it is connected to all that you are and brings you joy and fulfilment. Take time each day to connect with your heart through practices like meditation, deep breathing, or simply quiet reflection by placing your hand on your heart to focus your mind and let go.

Let go of attachments and show empathy towards yourself, it’s been a tough reality to be a part of for so long: Release attachments to external validation and ego-driven desires that no longer serve you. Instead, focus on inner fulfilment and meaningful connections with yourself and this will reflect onto others around you. Detach from the need to control outcomes and trust in the flow of life because this is where the magic happens. Be compassionate towards yourself and this will reflect to others. Treat yourself with kindness and understanding and remember to do something nice for yourself every day. It’s your reality after all so start creating from what feels right to you. Nothing is truly wrong or bad in your reality as its about your perspective. Let go of the need to be right or perfect because that’s limiting. We learn and expand more by our lessons from our so-called mistakes, our hearts want the best for us and letting go of control is one of the biggest ways to allow our hearts to shine.

Embrace vulnerability: Embracing your vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness. Allow yourself to step into your true authentic self and do what feels good to you. Take that leap and have faith in you. Surrender to the heart means being vulnerable, which might seem scary but it’s true. Our hearts only know truth and will not shine through a false perception. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in your interactions with others, knowing that true connection arises from openness and honesty. Share your joys, fears, and struggles with those you trust and love because you never know who else needed to hear your truth. Reflect on your values, passions, and aspirations to discover your life's purpose and act on them in everything you do. Align your energies in your heart with your mind and gut to actively manifest the reality you desire. Living with your true purpose gives your life meaning and fulfilment beyond ego-driven pursuits and calms your mind down. Everything is going to be ok, your safe and loved. Its time to blossom like the beautiful flower you are.

Practice gratitude and forgiveness towards yourself and others: Being in the energy of gratitude for the abundance in your life and what your creating opens up your heart in so many ways because your heart is a part of your life force. When your grateful for life it expands your heart to provide you with many more things to be grateful for in your reality. Focus on the blessings and opportunities that surround you, and express gratitude regularly to yourself. Release resentment, anger, and grudges by practicing forgiveness. Let go of past hurts and grievances, both towards yourself and others, and free yourself from the burden of negativity. Forgiveness allows you to open your heart to love and compassion. Resentment energy can stay dense in the body, which in turn can cause dis-ease. Forgiveness of self is the cure to resentment.

Live in the present moment: Shift your focus from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, and instead, embrace the present moment because your past doesn’t define you and your future is yet to be created. Mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, or simply being fully present in everyday activities can help you stay grounded in the here and now. Taking part in activities that make you focus on your present moment such as dancing, running, chatting with friends/family and being in nature can all help with this energy.

Opening up your heart takes time and is apart of the healing process, so be kind to yourself because you will have ups and downs but that’s life. So, take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time and enjoy the process of your heart unfolding and shining bright from your core.

My passion is helping support others in unlocking who they truly are. I use my gifts to tap into their hearts and support them to step into the reality they want to create. I understand healing can take time and I’m here to support. I do this by my 1-2-1 Energy healing session and through the Patreon group where we are uncovering the expansive knowledge of consciousness.

Thank you for being here on this journey with me and everyone else at this time, its your time to shine bright.

Image of the heart
Your heart connects to you to all that there is.

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