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Movies and bad actors?

Updated: Apr 3

Are we really surrounded by actors? What role are they playing?

I’ve always been a huge movie fan but recently I have been watching more older films and mainly fantasy and sci fi. I have noticed that more recent films have a lot of bad acting which makes me think have they always been like this and I was not aware because of my programming? We are currently living in the worst movie ever made and it is filled with bad actors.

Personally, I don’t watch the news anymore because I don’t want to put my energies in that direction but when I did, it was more so I can laugh at what narrative is being played out or to see more fake news, bad actors, cgi, fake photos and scenes from movies. I do feel a shift in the collective and more and more people are turning away from it all. A lot of my journeys in the astral show me to turn off the TV and then its not true. We are the creators of our own reality so it’s time to start creating how we want to live.

Each celebrity is a product and a distraction for us to focus our attention on. We treat them like gods! They make it look like they live the life that we always wanted but do we? They don't even life that life without the cameras. They actually own not a lot and have to stick to the narrative otherwise they would lose it all. Not the life for me! I enjoy my freedom and choice.

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Life is a stage

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