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Dates! Are they really important for the collective?

Updated: Apr 3

Don't wait around for something to happen, be the thing your waiting for.

As it’s Friday the 13th 2022, I sat in the sunshine in my garden thinking about how dates can be high lighted as significant or bad etc when really they are just a date. The occult care about dates because they believe certain dates bring in power to them when really it is and always has been dates that they make us believe they are significant so we celebrate them or become fearful of them. This in its self creates massive collective energies that manifest darker or more joyful energy.

The truth is we are in charge of our own energy and it doesn’t matter what ‘date’ or what astrological alignment there is going on. It’s only going to effect you if you allow it too. Yes, there is supportive loving energy coming in to help us heal but we are still the master of our own reality and therefore our own energy. The occult know this and are unable to generate their own energies so instead they get us to focus our energy on certain dates.

I’m even finding myself questioning the origins of how we know about some of these occultic days where they do the rituals etc. Is it from the occult trying to get us in fear so they can harvest this enjoy more easier from us as a collective. So, it makes me think was theses truther really truthers or people working for the occult?

So, with this knowledge go within and check with your heart to see if this message resonates with you. Remember you have everything you need within you, it’s time to stand in our true power and not put our energy into any of theses dates again! 🥰

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