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Exploring the distinction between physical and non-physical realities: What sets them apart?

The distinction between physical and non-physical reality lies in the nature of existence itself and how we view the two from the social understanding. The physical reality can be represented as encompasses everything that is tangible and observable through our senses. Our understanding comes from the laws of physics that govern what our physical reality is. But what if everything we have been told about our physical reality was wrong or at least half truths? Would you still view the physical reality as you once did?

The understanding of the non-physical reality, on the other hand, is full with unknowns and uncertainties which include abstract concepts, thoughts, emotions, consciousness, and the realm of the mind. In the social reality we have been living in has focused our attention on what we physically see, hear, touch, tasty while dismissing the possibilities that we can do the same with the non-physical reality. The reason the physical reality is deemed more valuable is because the non-physical reality can not be controlled, governed and it is completely down to you as the individual and your perspective and experience. This leaves the non-physical reality open to interruption and therefore less subjective to placing in a box.

It would seem that there can be right/wrong in the physical reality but not in the non-physical reality. In the energy healing practices that I do for my clients it is whole on the non-physical aspect of the client with a translation as to why their physical reality has expressed certain things. With this in mind and from my experience I would suggest that the non-physical reality is not equal to the physical but more that the physical reality is a by product of what has been created in the non-physical reality. This would mean that the non-physical reality has far more significance on our day to day lives then we have been told.

In the energy healing practice, I do with my clients it has shown me how impactful the non-physical reality is. Its where our reality is created and what we experience in the physical reality has already happened because we attract and create in our physical reality what we are. So, what’s in your energy is what you create and attract, for example – if your unhappy with in yourself then you will create unhappiness all around you and it will follow you. This is proof alone at how important it is to understand ourselves.

Women exploring the unknown
Theres more to you then you've been told.

One way to conceptualize the non-physical reality in terms of frequencies is to consider brain waves. Brain waves are patterns of electrical activity generated by the brain, and they can be measured using devices like electroencephalograms (EEGs). These brain waves correspond to different states of consciousness and mental activity. The following are examples of how our brain waves can represent the non-physical reality according to mainstream science:

  • Delta Waves (0.5 to 4 Hz): Delta waves are associated with deep sleep and unconsciousness. They represent a state of restorative rest where the body undergoes healing and regeneration.

  • Theta Waves (4 to 8 Hz): Theta waves occur during light sleep, deep relaxation, meditation, and daydreaming. They are often associated with creativity, intuition, and accessing deeper levels of consciousness.

  • Alpha Waves (8 to 12 Hz): Alpha waves are present when we are awake but in a relaxed state, such as during meditation or light activity. They are associated with a calm, alert mind and are often seen during states of focused attention and creative flow.

  • Beta Waves (12 to 30 Hz): Beta waves are associated with active, alert wakefulness and focused mental activity. They are present during problem-solving, decision-making, and concentrated tasks.

  • Gamma Waves (30 to 100 Hz and beyond): Gamma waves are the highest frequency brain waves and are associated with higher cognitive functions, such as perception, learning, memory, and consciousness. They are often observed during moments of insight, heightened awareness, and peak performance.

I understand that the current findings categories 100Hz and beyond as Gamma Waves, but I feel that this is selling our brains short. I feel that there are many more and that go a lot higher. Our technology just can’t record it, yet or it does, and we haven’t been told. I believe these waves are unlimited and the more we expand our consciousness the more diverse they will be. We are at a time of expansion in consciousness of an individual and collective level.

These brain waves represent the current scientific findings of the different frequencies of neural oscillations and provide a window into the non-physical aspects of human consciousness and cognition. While they are not tangible entities like physical objects that appears to be the control group in the mainstream science, they do reflect the dynamic activity of the mind and play a crucial role in shaping our subjective experience of reality.

From a scientific perspective, the physical reality is often explored through disciplines like physics, chemistry, and biology, which seek to understand the fundamental principles underlying the human and natural world. These sciences have made progress in unravelling the mysteries of the universe, from the microscopic world of subatomic particles to the vast expanse of the cosmos. This is still a limited viewpoint but it’s at least a start to get our juices flowing and supporting us in believing more of the unknown.

Psychology, on the other hand, delves into the non-physical aspects of reality, focusing on the workings of the human mind, behaviour, emotions, and cognition. While psychology is rooted in empirical research and observation, it also grapples with subjective experiences and phenomena that are not directly observable or measurable.

Both teaching have been driven by the collective consciousness working through certain individuals who want to understand and share their findings. There is now more than ever more acceptance of the unknown or previously a taboo subject to study. This is progress and I’m grateful for those individuals who have followed their passions in order for the collective to understand more about themselves. This will be an area that will expand rapidly I feel over the next decade, and I think will be the route to so many research topics as we continue on this expansion. The key is for these individuals to start to step outside of the box that our current teaching puts our minds in. Our minds are designed to process the present but as unlimited consciousness where time doesn’t really exist but is a mere matrix contract, everything is happening simultaneously all at once, at the same time. Our non-physical part of us understanding this whereas our physical doesn’t, it only has to experience the present and trust itself. The problem is we have lost this trust in self which leads us to get anxiety about the future and worry/overthink.

The impact of these two realms on humans is profound and multifaceted and we are here to explore them more fully. As an external energetic being we came here to experience the physical human form and what an amazing experience it is. From a practical standpoint, our lives are deeply intertwined with the physical reality because this has been our main point of attention. We’re out of true balance and rely more heavily on our senses to navigate our world, interact with our environment, and fulfil our basic needs for survival instead of living.

Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions make us who we are and are all products of the non-physical realm that came from our past lives, generational history, parents, current human experience, and our social interactions. From the way we perceive ourselves and others to the values we hold dear, our mental and emotional landscape profoundly influences our behaviour and well-being. Negative and positive experiences hold a frequency within our energies which is held in our energetic bodies. When these frequencies put us out of our true unique frequency we become dis-aligned which can cause dis-ease in our bodies over time. Being dis-aligned makes us feel off, depressed and not ourselves. If they are repeated, we tend to create patterns/habits and then stay in this energy when we don’t understand who we truly are.


Over the generations, scientific and psychological research has a light on both the physical and non-physical dimensions of reality, leading to discoveries and insights. Advances in physics have deepened our understanding of the fundamental forces and particles that govern the universe, while developments in neuroscience have unravelled the mysteries of the brain and consciousness. With the research done in psychology has illuminated the workings of the mind, revealing the intricate interplay between biology, environment, and cognition. From Freud's psychoanalytic theories to modern cognitive and behavioural approaches, the field has evolved, offering new perspectives on human behaviour and mental health. However, the information we already possess in our hearts is unlimited and the more we tap into this inner knowing and sharing with others, the more growth and expansion will follow.


Both physical and non-physical realities shape our existence in profound ways, intertwining to create the rich tapestry of human experience. Understanding the interplay between these two realms is essential for comprehending the complexities of the universe and our place within it. We are all here for our own unique purpose and each one of us is needed. You came here to shine!

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