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"Is Ignoring Chaos the Key to Finding Peace? Exploring the Power of Looking Away"

Updated: Apr 3

The more and more I go into the dark dense energies, I feel I’m keeping it going. There was a time that I would look at the news just to keep an eye on what they were doing but I’m realising more and more that by me putting my energy into that direction. I’m aiding it to continue. If we want the chaos to finally end and for the darkness to implode faster (it is already falling and has been for a while, it’s just a matter of time before it all crashes) then we must stop putting our energies into it.

The old world is all about chaos as this i what they believe our reality is without order and control. This is why ancient teaching have about how the world was in chaos so the gods created order. Its because this is their gods, not ours. Our reality before the invasion was peaceful and we lived in harmony with nature, our planet. There was no order or control because we didn't need it. That's because we were living from our hearts and not our minds. The mind needs order and control but the heart wants freedom. Freedom to express and create. The unconscious ones aka the dark ones, are not connected to their hearts and instead are fully in their chaotic minds which is why they only see chaos. So, in order for them to process reality they need to control it because of the fear they have about losing control.

I've learnt that the dark energy’s are inverted and I’ve seen this for myself. Because it is inverted it needs the light to gain energy. To get the lights attention it needs to attract it or entertain it so it can distract it when it starts taking the energy it needs.

We are the light energy they need to survive and to keep going. So, don’t give it to them ad turn away. We cant break the system with the system, instead allow it to implode. They are taking each other down and this will continue as we go, so just focus on what it is you want to do with your life. Its time to create!

Next week is the Queens Jubilee and they have given us the day off in the UK so they have more engagement. I’m sure there will be a big show about it, all to entertain us. They have been doing this for many many eons. Don’t be fooled by it. Instead, do something you love and enjoy and have an amazing day but turn your back.

The more we do this the more they will fall and disappear from our reality.

It’s time to take our power back. 🥰

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The sun is setting on the old reality

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