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Money on the new earth!

Updated: Apr 3

Today (2022), I did a quick remote view to my higher self to see what I would get for the money system. The vision I got was that people on the new earth would have money in abundance so much that money would be just slowly disappear and become worthless. I did ask for a timeline and I got that the old earth energies are falling and those who are choosing to be on the new earth it will be like the old earth just starts to disappear. I also got that it’s on a individual level and it depends on how much energy your putting into the old.

With this in mind, I would suggest that we all start moving our energy’s away from the old ones imploding because we are keeping the delay going by putting our focus into it. Look away. Don‘t pay attention to the chaos because it’s all fake and to keep us in control and fear.

They are and will create fake chaos after chaos to keep themselves from imploding. The walls are closing in around them and fast.

Keep healing your energies and your frequency will change as will your perception. Focus on things you enjoy doing, develop in this area, stay calm and in a loving energy and your heart will direct you in the path your choosing to go and what your creating. Remember you are the creator of your own reality. Let’s create! 🥰

If your in need of some support and guidance on your healing path then why not book a 1-2-1 Energy Healing Session with me. Or why not join in the fun on Patreon, where we are uncovering the secrets to consciousness.

You're not alone in this.

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