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Uncovering the Illusions: Navigating the Shift from False Reality to True Self

Updated: Apr 3

Wow, what a ride it's been so far! Up and down then a bit more, ups ups and the downs. Sometimes, I just want to get off this energy ride but at the same time, it's exciting to know that with every low there will be a high to follow. How else would we know what the highs feel like without experiencing the lows. This is how we learn, grow and expand our consciousness and our human experience.

We're is a massive time of the shift from the old/dark/false reality to the true reality that's always been here underneath. When I say dark/old/false reality, I see it as the dense one. When your in those energy's it's heavy. I see it as dark energy because it's unconscious where as conscious energy is light. Light is information. Information is what we thrive on to grow. Unconscious energy is inverted and needs the light to keep it going. This is how the false reality works. It's created by us from our traumatised energies from our false beliefs and false perceptions. Our perceptions partly create our beliefs (there's more to this) which partly create our reality. So if your shown in the news or hear on the radio in the news the same thing, everyday, every hour then even if you think your not listening or paying attention, your subconscious is. This is how we have been controlled and manipulated over the eons or how ever long (I don't believe in the history we have been told) to create this false reality.

There is a lot more to this but this blog would be very long.

The point I want to make is that the true reality has always been there, waiting for us to see it, to feel it and to experience it. But we have been attracted to the false because of the unconscious energy we have in ourselves that we want to understand and heal.

We are being supported at this time to help open our true eyes to the truth and to spot the lies. There's so many more things I see and come across now that make me question how I missed this before?

Are you feeling the same? For example, if you watch a film you used to enjoy years ago but now you watch it and you realise how bad the acting is and/or how poor the story line is? Don't get me wrong the films etc that are coming mostly from the heart are the ones we still enjoy because it's on truth. But the other ones when I look at them now. I either stop the film or I do something else. It's actually very boring. The amount of times now that me and my partner say to each other - 'has it always been this bad?' Is happening more and more. Because that is the truth. These films, tv shows, music etc haven't changed. It's us that's changing. We are seeing, feeling and hearing the truth and it really is an eye opener.

Keep going on your journey and don't fall into the trap of feeling ashamed because you didn't see/feel/hear it before. You wasn't supposed to until your ready. We're ready now, your ready now. You've got this. 🥰

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Two earths
Shifting in reality has never been done before

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