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April 5th 2022 - Connecting with a Tree

Updated: Apr 3

Connecting with the consciousness of a tree is a gift that we all can do. You just need to believe in yourself because they are waiting to connect. Trees are so peaceful and graceful. They love connecting with us.

So today when I was out walking I connected with this beautiful tree in the lovely woodlands. It has been a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. I like to connect with nature when I can to help ground my energies and help clear any blockages. I find it best to go for walks without any technology so you can allow yourself to really pay attention to nature and all it’s beauty.

As I was walking I stopped to connect with this beautiful tree because I had this feeling I needed too. The trees energies were so peaceful so it helps to do this when your mind is going 100x a minute.

Anyway, the tree showed me that there are changes in the universal energies for the better and for us to stay grounded at this time. These changed will be big on the world stage but it’s more important to not put your energies into the deep state occult stuff as they are imploding and you will be shown more chaos to get you in fear.

The truth is they are in fear. The changes are for the better. So, get out in nature and appreciate the little things. 🥰

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women hugging a tree
Go out and Hug a Tree

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