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Ego vs Heart, what’s the difference?

Updated: Apr 3

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Ego is apart of you but it doesn't have to define you anymore. Its time to step into your heart.

The term 'Ego' has been used to describe many different aspects of human psyche and behaviour. It is a personas we give ourselves in order to protect us from threats we deem as harmful. Some may see the 'Ego' term as negative and associate it with a narcissistic character. For the purpose of this blog I refer to the 'ego' as a behavioural condition we project outwardly in order to survive. Being in your ego is not a bad thing. It just means you don't feel safe.

We have all been in survival mode. It's all we've ever really known. So much so that we have grown accustom to this, even feel comfortable being in survival. We categories many things in our physical world as a threat and therefore we become hypervigilant and tense in our bodies. It becomes second nature to be at one with the tension you feel in your shoulders or in your jaw or when you feel like you need to escape and you run and hide from your threats because they just seem so overwhelming that you just can't deal with it right now. So instead you over think.

Your ego brain starts coming up with a hundred and one reasons why you shouldn't do such things or you tell yourself how worthless you are. Not only do you have these low dense thoughts about yourself but your ego mind reforms it by showing you examples of such threats and thus you relive the original traumatic event over and over again. Giving it more ammo for next time. Negative self talk is one of the most damaging human behaviours there is, because it stops you from achieving your hearts desires and really start to live. These are all characteristics of the ego mind trying to survive.

Your ego mind does this to keep you safe and a live or so it's conditioning has told it protect you from all threats. Not only does your ego mind start off but your body joins in, reliving the original event. Over and over again. Some times it takes hold and you continue in old patterns but sometimes when your aware of it, you can catch it in time to stop repeating old habits and trauma patterns.

The reason our ego minds were created in the first place was because we have had to survive. We were born into this dense energy and had to experience many different expressions of it. This is why we created our ego out of safety and without it we wouldn't be here. Our egos need to be celebrated, not persecuted.

We had to create our ego minds because we have been disconnected from our true self, our hearts, our innocence. Our egos protected this fiercely but was lost without our true compass and instead looked outwardly for direction. This was taken advantage of.

This brings me to what is happening now and what has been happening for a while now with the split reality and the raising of our frequencies to align our natural vibrations.

As a collective we have chosen to heal ourselves through healing, understanding, feeling and releasing these dense energies that put us in our ego minds. This is so we can make room for more of our true frequency to come into our bodies. This is where the heart starts to join up with the mind and body to start creating our lives from our truth. This creates life. We become more at one with ourselves and level up our frequencies to our true vibration. This is how you step into your power of creation by aligning your mind, heart and body together as one.

Our bodies retain all our frequencies and it expressions them through our organs. When we are out of alignment we become sick, unbalanced, did-eased and stuck in old trauma patterns.

The difference between being in your ego to your heart are you feel lighter, healthier, calm and at peace when your in your heart. Everything is possible and you approach situations with optimism. You gain a wider perspective of yourself, others and such which gains a feeling of inner knowing. Your more creative have energy and everything looks brighter and more exciting. You feel safe and think twice about doing something you feel is right. You tend to not think too much at all until you need too. This is because you are living and your just going with the flow of your life because you know it's going to be ok. You let go of needing to control everything. Yes, there are ups and downs but it's all an experience so you know there is a reason and it's for your growth and expansion.

Compare this with being in your ego mind. Your mind is running a hundred times a second. You can't sleep because your up worrying about the next day. You over analyse every conversation or plan your next conversation. You plan, plan and plan everything. You stop doing things you love and focus on being in a routine as you like to know what's going on. In fact, you have to know what's going on. You look for answers outside of yourself and you continue down this path until it makes logical sense what's going on. You feel on edge or sometimes your so shut off because your numb to any form of feeling. You are on the alert and sometimes on the attack, be that at yourself or at someone else. Does any of this ring any bells? This is survival mode. Your body responds to this also.

Once you become aware of this you change the subconscious into conscious. Once your aware of it, it then becomes a choice on how you want to continue going forward. You deserve the world and you deserve to be your true authentic self in this reality. It's time to level up and shine!

I've helped support many people over the years break down these dense energies within their bodies so they can bring more of themselves to light and shine.

It's time to feel more peaceful within yourself. Remember to be kind and love yourself because your worthy. Your valued in this world and your needed!

If you would like to have a 1-2-1 session with me where we can shine a light on this negative talk. Find out where it's coming from to understand, feel, embody and release forever.

Or if you'd like to unlock more understanding of consciousness then why not join in the fun on our Patreon - Transforming Energies.

It's time to live - feeling is believing 🥰

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