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How Can We Harness Lighter Energy to Accelerate the Healing Process?

Updated: Apr 3

This week I've come to gain the awareness that I'm at a stage of processing and clearing and understanding a lot on my own and daily. It's coming in fast at this time because of the supportive energy around us at this time and what is been available to us for a while now.

The lighter energy that have been coming in for this year (2022) has sped up and I felt a shift in Aug. We are so loved and supported right now at this time and we can tune into these high energies and use them to heal.

These supportive energies will continue until the process has finished. You can tap into what you need when you need as you are given the time to process. Some healing may take longer to understand and if your wanting support with this then I offer 1-2-1 Energy Healing sessions, where we can explore this together.

Why not join in on Patreon for updated energy readings and more, while we explore consciousness and all it has to offer at this time.

There's so much more to come! Buckle up!

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Your the light!

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