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Message from Gaia - Monday 18th April 2022

Updated: Apr 3

Hello, I hope your all having a lovely weekend.

Today I connected with Gaia (mother earth) and received a message about what’s coming. She told me that the deep state have already been told that they can not continue to try and control or manipulate us and that she would give them time to change there ways. Some have started to make a change and some have not. The recent solar flare was a warning shot for those not making this change but also for the collective to also start making this change. This was a warning shot and only affected those trying to fight against the new energies and not healing.

She told me there is about to be many more and also some lighting storms to clear the old dense energies. Don’t fight it but use these high energies as opportunities to heal yourself. The deep state will be more effected and the businesses still trying to keep us in the old energies will also be effected more. I see governments and big corporations being affected at this time.

For those of us that have been healing it won’t effect us as greatly but we will still feel and see the outcome. Especially, if your working at these places.

Just know that this is for the better for us all. There will be delays and disruptions to our daily life’s when your still living in the old energies partly so it is time to start that heart led hobby, get out in nature, turn off the mobile devices and ground yourself. You are loved and protected at this. 🥰

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