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Stay Grounded and be Patient, good things are coming!

Updated: Apr 3

Stay grounded in nature as we move through this shift. Nature is consistent and takes your energies to a peaceful frequency, which is needed right now and as you heal.

I received a download today from my heart to stay grounded, which lead me to go for my nature walk. I know a lot of people are saying big changes are coming on the world stage and then nothing happens. But things are happening in the background and you can feel it when you remain grounded. There is going to be more chaos and more crises created to keep us all in fear and distracted but turn away from it. Keep your focus on you and your energies. Be patient as universal energies move in different ways but if feel what’s going on you’ll not go wrong.

Stay grounded and take some time away from technology for yourself to help you realign your energies. We’re living in exciting times. 🥰

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You're not alone in this.

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