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Time, what is it?

Updated: Apr 3

Tick tock! Time is a construct that is there to keep you out of your heart and stuck in a mental matrix where everything needs to flow a plan. Time, does it even matter?

I see time as apart of the control system because what is time? We find ourselves slaves to it. We work and give our time in exchange for money which is another part of the control system. The truth is we can control our own time as it is apart of our own reality. When your happy time moves fast or when your clock watching it moves slow. This is because your creating this. So I ask, what next do you want to create in this mind matrix? Or should I say while we're still in it as we are creating a new collective reality where time will be a thing of the past.

When your in your heart energy you can control time and we can heal ourselves, so if we can heal why do we age? We are light beings having a human experience but how many times have we been the age we are right now? When I look into people’s consciousness to help heal them of this dense energy a lot of our traumas start when we are young, so I travel back in time.

From my experience time is not linear and what we have been told. We are living our lives simultaneously. This can be hard to get our heads around. But when you understand that we are consciousness and consciousness is energy, the possibilities are endless.

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You're not alone in this.

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